zondag 27 september 2015

New in: running shoes

I think I've been running since I was 14 years old. In the beginning, it was not very serious. I always said: "Okay, this week I'm really going to start working out!" But I never did, like 70% of this world.
View during a run - Utrecht
View during a run - Utrecht
As I got older, around the age of 16, I began to take more of an interest in running. I did it several times a week, as a training for my first serious run. Just 5K, but I tried to be as good as possible. In the end, I was a little over my time goal, but still quite fast. I was proud, I almost felt like a 'fitgirl', haha.
Then there was a year in which I couldn't run, so I started again one year ago. It was such a good feeling, running fast, going on and on, while being outside. Surrounded by nature, music playing in my ears. I love it so much.
Then I became better and better. Approximately four months ago, I could run 10K within 55 minutes, which was a huge accomplishment for me. But there was one problem; because my running shoes were a little old, I decided to take them with me to Málaga (March 15 until June 6), and leave them there. In this way, my suitcase would be a bit more spacious on my way home - and I needed that, haha. So then I came back, without running shoes, and I didn't feel like spending so much money again. It was such a pity - I ran, but on my Nike Free Runs, which are not made for serious sports.
Asics GT-2000 3 (D)
This summer I went back to Málaga for holidays, without doing sports for three weeks, just eating shit and drinking alcohol. After that, I had several introduction days/weeks for my studies, which contained more or less the same.

The last couple of weeks have been quite stressful; a lot of things happened at the same time. I went to rowing trainings, cycled a lot (I'm Dutch - duh), walked a lot, but it's just not satisfying to me. I missed running, I missed it a lot. So I knew I had to order proper shoes, because otherwise, I would get injuries. Unfortunately, the shoes I ordered, didn't fit. I decided to go to Run2Day in Utrecht again, to be filmed and advised professionally. Yesterday I did, I'm so happy! I walked into the store and these Asics GT-2000 3 (D) were immediate eye-catchers to me. I looked at them and then asked the lady if she could film me. The second pair that I tried on, were the pinks Asics. They felt like heaven; I knew I had to get them. There'll be some months living on water and dry bread for me, because they cost €129,95. But that doesn't matter at all, because it's 100% worth it. My previous pair was from Asics as well; it's a really good brand for my feet. I'm so excited to start running again! I want to be fit, free, running in peaceful and beautiful places, with some damn good music on. So that's what I'm gonna do! I'll keep you updated.


woensdag 23 september 2015

Better late than never - I guess?

Hello everyone,

I'm Josefine, a 19 year old Industrial Design student at TU Eindhoven. I come from Utrecht and just moved to this place for my studies. My second name is Olivia, so that's why I chose to call it "Oliving". I could introduce myself extensively, but you'll learn a lot more about me in the future!

So, why starting this blog now? After seeing about 80% of this world becoming a vlogger, blogger, plogger and so on, I decided to create my own blog as well.  I was holding back for a long time, because I know that so many people are blogging and I didn't feel like I was a refreshing blogger. Everything is already out there!
I've been reading blogs and watching YouTube videos for years now, and I'm always inspired by all of the beautiful pictures and editing skills of other people. So, now I started my studies, I have to work on my editing skills to create movies, I'm stimulated to sketch again (I drew a lot when I was a child), need to get an eye for design,  I'm learning how to work with Processing etc.
I found out that creating a beautiful video was fun; playing with the shots and the sounds. I took some photos for a good friend's blog (check her out!), which I enjoyed a lot, too. 
When I lived in Málaga, Spain, for three months, I did some vlogging, but I never edited anything and it's just lying there, untouched. So there's definitely some interest in the blogging-life in this girl. 

The one who actually made me create this blog, is my teacher coach, mister Funk, from my university. He told us to write down our inspiration and thoughts, progress, ideas, whatever, for instance on a blog. I love languages (yes, I'm at a Technical University, don't ask me why), writing, being creative... So I thought: why not?

I'm not quite sure what I'm going to post exactly, how often, and so on. I just like to have this spot here on the internet to share my experiences, ideas, life lessons, stupid and funny stuff.
Oh, and of course, why did I choose to do it in English? Because, as I mentioned before, I lived in Málaga for three months this year and I want my friends from there to be able to understand this. I'll probably write something about that time as well, so stay tuned.

Okay lovelies, this was my first post. I hope to see you again soon!