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My brother, from our Supermother

If you know me in real life, and most of you do, you know that family is very important to me. I've always been close to my parents, slept at my grandparents places a lot, played around in the garden with my cousins, went to the zoo with my aunts, and so on. The last couple of years, I've been validating my family even more. On April 29th, 2010, I lost my dear mother. There'll definitely be a blogpost about her, but I'm saving that for later. Ever since that moment, my family has been so incredibly important. My mother's best friend, is family to me, as well.
Apart from the aunts, uncles, stepmothers and -fathers, cousins and everything out there, there's been one person in my life, who's been very, very close to me, all the time. I'm talking about my brother, who's almost two years younger than me. I asked him if I could write a blogpost about him, and he agreed. Because this lovely guy, he really deserves it.

The first memories that I have, are from dressing up, together with him. We played around a little, being stupid. I was a real 'girly-girl', so I loved to dress up like a princess. My brother was Aladdin or something, and sometimes, he even wore my clothes. I can't really remember that we were in fights a lot. My father also told me that, when my brother was born, I was caring and loving towards him. No envy or anything. I'm glad to hear that, although it's funny to hear you were a jealous bitch, when you were younger, as well. Even in those early memories, we were together a lot.
At the age of 4/5, all the girls were in love with him. I'm serious, he was admired by the ladies. From time to time, we bring this up in our family. I'm sure that nothing has changed; we just don't know about it anymore. Because I think that my little bro is very handsome, and yes - that's from an objective perspective.

As we grew older, our parents were divorced, and we moved a lot in little time. Both our mama and papa got a new partner, which we had to get used to. Looking back, I don't think it was too difficult for us, because our parents did a really good job taking care of us. We got some new family members; he got closer to our stepbrother and I was around my stepsister, a lot. But, in both of our 'new' families, in every situation, we always felt the brother-sister connection.
At that time, we fought a little bit more (verbally, can you imagine me fighting physically? Right), but nothing too bad. I just remember one time, when we were screaming at each other, my mom ran out of the shower, being very angry. She told us to stop, and ever since that moment, I think we were calmed down even more.
Apart from being my buddy in the families, and being handsome, he's a really smart guy. He did the 3rd and 4th year of elementary school in one year, which made him go to my stepbrothers class and year. We actually all ended up in the same class for two years in total; our classes were mixed, so I was one year higher. My brother was younger than the rest, but still got good results and was pretty social, too.

A funny thing is, when he was around the age of 7, my brother wanted to play football. My stepsister and -brother already did. We were being a little skeptical about it: Abe, football? No, that's not his kind of sports. But it turned out that he liked it a lot. I went to see him play quite often, talked to other brothers, sisters and parents. Later on, I started as well. My brother became more serious, every year. He improved, started to play on higher levels. But it was not only on the field; getting to know football facts, history and teams, was his favourite hobby. At world championships, when you could get those little football player cards at the supermarket, he knew every single player. He knew the number of the sticker, the player's weight, height, football club, birth of date - everything. I mean, you could ask: 'What's the BMI of player number 143 in the book?", and he would easily calculate it, because he had all the facts filed up in his little brain. My father is exactly like this, and it's beautiful to see that similarity. Now, he's such a fanatic when it comes to the Dutch football competition. Feyenoord, of course <3. Football is Abe and Abe is football. But of course, he's more than that.

The thing that makes our relationship so special, is the way we talk to each other. We both have our privacy and little secrets, but I tell him almost everything. In many ways, we think the same. We get annoyed by the same things, people and behaviour. We've got the same humour. We like the same kind of music (most of the time). We want to say the same things, at the same time. We don't have to finish our sentences, or even talk at all. One look is enough. It's always been really good, the way we connected. But the last five years, we went through a lot, together.
When I was not doing good at all, he got me through it - with other lovely people. He never let me down, even though I've not been very nice to him, at times. It's also the other way around. When he's not doing well, I want to help him. I want to be his big sister, that he can come to for a really big hug or some advice. I hope I can give him at least a fraction of our mother; let him feel like she's around, a little bit. And I know did this, because he gave me the rose that he had to give to a special person, the day he graduated from high school. He made me so happy by doing that. I'd never felt that proud before. Proud of him, proud of us together.
He calls/called me 'bunny', because I always wear a bun on the top of my head, that looks like a bunny-bun. Not for other reasons, people! In high school, we always went to each other's room, to have some small talk, before we went to sleep. Share our thoughts, frustrations, achievements, insecurities, happiness... Now I live in Eindhoven and everything's busy, but it was nice to do, back then. I miss those times.

I could tell so many more stories about my brother, because he's been there almost my entire life. He's the one who lived with me the most, we have so many crazy and stupid memories. But I think it's okay for now. If there are any more questions, you can always ask them.

Dear Abe, I know that you're not always aware of the fact that you're such a great person, so I wanted to tell you another time in this way. I'll keep saying it, because it's true. I thank you for everything you've done, your patience, you honesty. I'm so incredibly glad that I've got you as my brother and I'll never take you for granted. You're definitely one of the most important people in my entire life; you'll always be. I love you, little bro, I love you a lot.


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