zaterdag 5 december 2015

December: I'm so thankful for giving

Hi there!

I know I've been away for a while, again. I didn't really feel like blogging, didn't have too much inspiration. It's fine, I like to write down my thoughts whenever I want. But there's something I needed to share with you.

It's holiday time! Sinterklaas, Christmas, New Year's; it's totally festive, this month. I'm a summer kid (born in summer, love sun, always want a tan etc.), but I can definitely enjoy all the lights and coziness during winter. I always decorate our house like crazy, my brother and stepfather are always laughing about my enthusiasm. Last year, I even bought fake snow to spray on the windows. Candles everywhere, no normal lights, just mini leds all over the place. 
The feeling of being together with family is priceless to me. Of course, I'm a sucker for Christmas brunches and dinners (delicious food, so no wearing tight clothes; shamelessly stuffing my face), but the whole thing of being with each other, that's what makes me really happy.

Yesterday and the day before, we celebrated Sinterklaas. On Friday with my father's and stepmother's family and Saturday with my brother and stepfather. For the foreign people; Sinterklaas is a bit like Christmas. You can look it up here - including all the shit about Zwarte Piet (Black Pete), which I'm not going to talk about - but it comes down to getting and giving presents, as well. But the nice thing about this celebration, is that you write each other poems. You can make jokes about stupid things they've done, or write down what's so special about them. You can create a poem as personal as you want to.
The ones written to me were about Málaga, partly. One of them actually included some funny jokes about thing that happened there and, of course, there were some boys mentioned. You know what to expect when your family writes you poems!

When I celebrated this weekend, with the people closest to me, I realised once again how glad I am to have them in my life. I had to write a poem for my father and he was really glad with the things I wrote. The present I gave him, was just to have a day with him, including a nice meal, paid by me. 
Then, yesterday, I was with my brother and stepfather, who were both really happy with my poems, as well. It makes me happy to give. To give to the people who give so much back, just with their reaction. 
On top of that, I got a tapas cookbook from my stepmother (in Spanish!) and bath stuff, a massage bar (HINT), a yoga tool and a Christmas set - to decorate my room in Eindhoven with - from my bro and stepdad.  Oh and chocolate, don't forget the chocolate. They know what I like and that's worth so much more than the thing itself. They really think about who I am and what would make me happy at this point. Vice versa, because they were genuinely excited about the presents they got from me.

On Friday, we had a 'traditional family meal'; two entire chicken out of the oven, with potatoes and ratatouille. Yesterday, I was in the kitchen for over an hour, to prepare 'my men' some delicious food for Sinterklaas evening. I was pretty satisfied with the way it turned out, and so were they!

So, now Sinterklaas is over, but in about three weeks, it's Christmas time! I'll show you my Christmas-proof room soon, because I can't wait for it! Then I can go crazy with recipes again, hugging family members, laughing with them. My lovely Danish friends will arrive for NYE and I'm counting down the days until I'll see them. Just two more weeks of university left! Time goes by soooo fast.

See you soon, lovelies! Hope you're having a good time, as well <3
XO Josie

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