vrijdag 18 december 2015


Hello everyone! 

I don’t really know how to put this in words, but I felt like blogging about it.
Sometimes, I’m approached by people that are reading my blog. I have no idea who’s reading it when I’m writing, but I love hearing from people that they read it and that they liked it. This happened again, yesterday evening. And I got a very big compliment.
A fellow student – and a lovely girl – started talking about it. She said a couple of very nice things, but there’s one of them that really stuck with me. She said that she’s got the idea that I’m a person who’s very expressive when it comes to loving people. And I think she’s pretty right. At least, I’d like to be that way.

When I love someone, whether it’s friendship, family or love-love, I want to share it with them. I think it’s really important to realise the value of the people around you. In my opinion, when a person means a lot to me in whatever way possible, they should know that. When it comes to relationships, it can definitely hurt me to be honest and open, but I’d rather be that than not being hurt and silent.

I wrote a blog about my brother and I could write a whole book about great people in my life. The conversation yesterday, made me think about all of them. How beautiful is the feeling of being loved? I can’t think of a better feeling, actually. Well – mentally, haha.
Last night, this girl was so kind, my best friend called, I had a spontaneous night out with friends, my family and housemates were being sweet. At some point I could physically feel myself being filled with love. It made me so incredibly happy. Now Christmas is coming, which means more love to me. And a lot of food, which can be the same thing.

I think it has something to do with my mother. Both how she raised me and the fact that she isn’t there anymore. You never know when you’re saying goodbye to someone, for the last time. But that’s just a small part, because I don’t think about that all day. I just want to give a lot of love, because that makes me happy. And I hope it makes others happy, as well.

A big hug and kisses for all of you!


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