zondag 10 januari 2016

Plog: brother-sister day in Eindhoven!

Hello sweeties!

A while ago, I realised that I wanted to do more with photos. I love Instagram, but I've always been very interested in photography. For my friend Lizzy's blog, I've been shooting photos twice, so far. I'll try to do it more often; it's useful for my studies (Industrial Design), as well. I like photos in any way; on holidays, with friends, arty... Would love to have a good camera too, but yeah, money, ya know.
This weekend, I didn't feel like going back to Utrecht, so I stayed in Eindhoven (needed to study, as well). Though, I wanted to see my brother and we planned a brother-sister day. Yay! I thought it would be nice to do a 'plog' (a photo blog) for this day (Jan 10, 2016). I always like looking at a lot of photos from others and wanted to give it a try. We had a fun day in Eindhoven, so let's go!

I started off being very productive; the kitchen needed to be cleaned so bad! I cleaned everything and organised the table, which was full of papers and more bullshit before. It's actually kind of weird when it's this tidied up, haha!

Then, I picked up my bro from the train station, to go for lunch in the city center. We went to a lovely place, called Meneer De Boer. My friend Lizzy once recommended this breakfast-/lunchroom and she was 100% right about it, so I wanted to take my brother here, too.

It was a good choice! We had a delicious lunch, once again. Look at his happy "I've got an uitsmijter"-face. I had a grilled sandwich with salmon and goat cheese - my two favourites - and it tasted like heaven. Oh, and look at how the tea bag is attached to my tea cup. So cute!

A little walk through the city. Such a good day with lovely weather.

On our way to my university, which I wanted to show him. It was Sunday, so almost everything was closed, but we could still walk through the campus.

Yay! I had to show him where my study association is located, of course. Too bad we couldn't enter the building, because it's a nice place to be. But at least, we took a photo in front of the logo (more than happy)!

Walking back to the city center. Spot the Philips building!

Straight on to the Philips museum! It was super interesting to go there. Maybe some of you didn't know that Philips was founded in Eindhoven. The history, designs, information; I loved it! And an old-coworker told us a lot of stories (about the logo, for example), with such enthusiasm. We enjoyed it!

Then, on to Strijp-S; where the old Philips factory was located. Now, it's an industrial place, with many new, hipster-like shops and stores. They left the factory the same on the outside, but on the inside, it's completely new. I live on walking distance from Strijp-S and I love it.

Chilling in my room <3

Annnnd dinner in the fresh and clean kitchen! With my house mates Willemijn and Raoul and my brother. It was gooood.

Then, it was time to say goodbye again. We had such a good day and we did a lot in very little time. Love you, bro! <3

Hoped you liked to see a little sneak peak in my life. It wasn't a normal day, and I've been studying both yesterday and this evening, so my life isn't all fun and nice. But it was a photo-worthy day. See you soon, cariƱos!

XO, Josie

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