zondag 3 januari 2016

What did I do this Christmas break?

Hello sweethearts,

It's 2016 now and my Christmas break is over. I don't really feel like setting goals this year, because I actually want to go with the flow. At least, I'll do my best at my studies, will focus on people I love and got some trips planned for this year! I'm going to Milano and want to visit Denmark, England, France and Málaga again. And more. Because more travelling is more good in my opinion.

Having said that, I wanted to look back on these holidays. A lot has happened; I'm glad I've got my One line a day booklet, so I don't forget everything that I've done. Let's get started!

I started off with a very nice lunch at SLA, with my brother, stepfather and a friend of ours. I also found a lot of old photos and my brother found even more books full of photos. I love watching them! Do you think I look like my mother? Furthermore, I had a Christmas toast with my old colleagues.

I went to Yoghurt Barn in Utrecht in the weekend, as well, with Lizzy (and with my friend Karlijn from high school earlier, too, haha). After that, we shooted some outfit photos for her blog. I really like doing that, so if you ever want me to do it again, call me on my cell phone, babe!
After the weekend, I had a good date, travelled between Eindhoven and Utrecht a couple of times, finally arranged that I could work in Eindhoven and worked on my studies. Then, it was time for Christmas!
On Christmas Eve, I was with my father's family and we had a relaxed time together. On Christmas Day, I first went to my father's parents, sang some songs to and with them, and went off to my aunt for dinner. She's my mother's sister and she and their other sister look so much like mama. We've got a big family, but we were with just eight; all of my cousins were at their boy-/girlfriend. Forever alone, once again! But, I had fun, as you can see (with my stepfather). The day after that, we went to my stepmother's sister, which was amazing, too. She's a great cook, so: good food and good company <3

On December 27th,  I went to my lovely cousin Rosanna, who's pregnant. She's living in England right now, so it was great to see her back home for her babyshower. Some of her friends actually thought I was her sister. They were all very nice and I had some good conversations with them. Loved the photo with the cat, too. 

Then, December 28, my friends from Denmark finally arrived! We walked around Utrecht (where I'm from and where we stayed) and Amsterdam. We had boerenkool and pannenkoeken at my place, went out for food several times, had a lot of laughs and celebrated New Year's Eve together. First, we stayed in Utrecht with a friend of mine and his international friends and then went off to Amsterdam at 1 am. We all took a lot of photos, so I'll show you a selection down below here.

Happy faces! Four blondes

My hometown: Utrecht

Crazy, lovely girls at the Domtoren! I lived next to them for a couple of months, in Málaga

Lunch at Bagels&Beans in Utrecht


Louise and me in Amsterdam

If you want a challenge... 12" dildo

Red Light District with Sarah, Stine and Alex

Cheers with Sarah!

Last day of 2015 with Louise, we got free Prosecco at the bakery!

The end... Lovely dinner at Beers&Barrels in Utrecht. If you like burgers and happen to be in Utrecht: GO THERE! Best burgers ever! 

So, this was it. A very good time; I don't really feel like starting uni again. But I'm sure there'll be enough to look forward to in the near future. All the best for you this year, sweeties. Talk to you soon!

XO Josie

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