maandag 29 februari 2016

Update + weekly sketch

Hello everyone!

I have been very busy lately. The second semester has kicked off and so has my first design project. It is a lot of fun, but time consuming, and apart from my project, I have two other subjects as well. So even though I'm super tired and stressed at times, I'm doing good. Especially now the weather is a bit more like in spring. It reminds me of how much influence the sun has on me. When I lived in M├ílaga, I was so happy and relaxed, partly because of that. 

Anyways, for my studies, I had to write a personal development plan for this semester. It contains information about who you are as a designer, what your vision on design and your future is and through what goals you are going to get there. One of my goals was to keep myself motivated to sketch and draw a lot. A friend of mine suggested to do a "Sketch of the week" on my blog, and I thought that was a great idea.
So from now on,  every Monday, I will upload a photo of my best sketch(es)/drawing(s) that I have made in the past week. I will start with this one, that I made last week.

It is a coffee machine; we were thinking about an alarm clock that would make coffee for you in the morning. This is just a drawing to get the feeling again. As a child, I was drawing all the time, but I haven't done it that much in the past couple of years. I hope this challenge will help me to keep  doing it and improve my skills!


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